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“I’m proud I still have a really good sex life with David. He is very much in proportion. He does have a huge one, though. He does. You can see it in the advert. It is all his. It is like a tractor exhaust pipe!”

Oh pleaaaase Victoria, of course you have to say that, it's your hubby for fecks sake! Wouldn't look good if ya said his willy wasn't bigger than a shrimp. Actually his wiener looks rather small, it's the balls that stand out as being rather large.... Hmmm


  1. Anonymous said...
    He has huge ballz man..
    Anonymous said...
    No matter what, he is HOT!!!!! I would love to be his Victoria
    Anonymous said...
    How gay is that?!
    Anonymous said...
    i would love to get in there and have lick. rawwr.

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