Jennifer Lopez always denied any relation to freakshow Scientology, but by revealing she is thinking of giving birth in total silence, she will follow the likes of Katie Holmes and Leah Remini, who are both members of the star-studded freakshow. To give birth in silence is a ritual performed by Scientology.

Way to go J-Lo! Another foolish star in Scientology. That's what we like! I'm sure they don't want your money in Africa, so please, please donate all your cash to Scientology. Best of luck with the giving-birth-thing in silence...Only few women would be able to follow your example!


  1. Sylvan said...
    Sounds a bit extreme to me. I think a woman should be able to scream if she needs to whilst giving birth - but that's just me.

    The PUPPY is Back with her cute little hat- way to go Mia!
    MKF said...
    hehe I had to bring it back! It's our mascot from now on:P I <3 chihuahuas!

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