Dear oh dear. K-Fed won the custody-battle against Britney. Monday, judge Scott Gordon decided that full custody over the two boys Jayden James and Sean Preston goes to Kevin Federline. Based on Britney's abuse of alcohol and drugs and driving without a license, the judge had no other choice than to grand full custody to Federline. However, this isn't a permanent situation. The trial will start on Wednesday

Britney will be having weekly meetings with a caretaker, who will report back to court what kind of mum Britney is...(?)

Britney, dear Britney. This MUST be the turning point for you. You need to get at grip of yourself and get those kids back. I really hope this is going to open her eyes, and get the help she needs. But for now, I guess the boys are better off with K-Looser, even tho I hate that ugly sleezy golddigger.

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  1. Derrick Davidson said...
    LOL you are crazy.

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