Former bodyguard, Tony Barretto, reports that he found Britney sweating overdosed in a hotelroom, only 2 days after she left rehab.

Tony testified in the custody-battle between K-Looser and Britney. He says: "We found Britney with red eyes from crying, and a completely trashed hotelroom."

"The hotelroom was filled with empty beerbottles and little piles of white powder was everywhere. I couldn't believe it was Britney. We thought she had taken an overdose. She was crying and hysterical. Her skin was unnaturally shiny and her pupils were enermous. She looked sick."

He also says that he did this to help Britney. He feels she is out of control and in need of help desperately. She is not fit to be a mum at the moment.

I have to agree with this man. Britney needs the help more than anyone. She doesn't need the press and paparazzi giving her bad credit constantly. I feel so sorry for her... She needs some privacy and a looong time in rehab.


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