BRITNEY SPEARS did not recognise VICTORIA BECKHAM when she bumped into the Spice Girl in a restaurant last week.

It didn't even help when Sticky Vicky introduced herself as "Victoria from the Spice Girls". Britney just looked confused, turned away and walked off...

A source said: “They bumped into each other in the Chateau Marmont and Victoria said, ‘Hi Britney. I’m Victoria from the Spice Girls’

“But Britney had no idea who she was. She just looked at her with a vacant and bemused expression and turned and walked away.”

Oh Britney... What have you done?! Insulted a woman who married the world's hottest sportsman, used to be in a world famous band called the Spice Girls, has no talent what so ever except spending money and looking like everyone around her are the biggest arses on earth?

I'm sorry, but this says more about Victoria than Britney


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