BABY Spice gave birth to son Beau yesterday while listening to the Beatles’ Here Comes The Sun.

EMMA BUNTON said it is her and Beau’s dad JADE JONES’ favourite song.
Emma, 31, had 7lb 15oz Beau at 11.12am yesterday at London’s private Portland Hospital.
Boyfriend Jade, 27, who was present at the birth, said outside the hospital: “Baby’s had a baby now! We’re both over the moon and absolutely thrilled to bits to have our little boy.
“His name is the French word for handsome and he is definitely very handsome.

“Emma is doing really well — just recovering and bonding with the baby.

“Both are having a little nap. I don’t want to miss a second without him.”
Congrats to Jade and Emma!
Report: The Sun


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