Newest rumour in Hollywood: Lindsay Lohan has fallen for female DJ Samantha Ronson!
The DJ is following Lohan on her trip to Japan as we speak.

The relationship isnt approved of since Samantha Ronson is using both drugs and consumes a lot of alcohol as well. And poor Lohan just left rehab...

Former PR-agent Jonathan Jaxson says that his sources confrim the relationship between Lohan and Ronson.

Sam and Lohan


  1. Positively Taking Care said...
    Have you ever wondered what the attraction is to be so maliciously involved with other peoples personal lives just because their talent has made them famous and rich?

    It’s definitely NOT to Feed off the Better Side Of Humanity.

    Could it, should It, would it be...
    Some People Do Any Thing For Money?

    Why Do We As Humans Do Each Other In?

    Celebrities ENTERTAIN US!
    The Better They Entertain, The More Famous They Become, But They Are Always Still Human.
    MKF said...
    haha lovely commewnt;)

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