Can I have custody of the chihuahua??

And the saga continues... Britney went in, then went out, and now she's back at Promises Treatment Center in Malibu.

According to plan she should be treated for an alcohol and drugabuse for 45 days.

If she doesnt go trough with the treatment, "lovely" K-Fed will demand a judge to give him custody of their 2 children. What a dear dear man he is.

Just another day in the life of Britney Spears...


  1. Ben said...
    I've got no love for K-Fed, but are you implying that he shouldn't have custody? Ever since the split, he's been nothing but a quiet, model father. Britney's been a goddamn trainwreck who cant even stay in rehab more than a few days.

    If she screws it up this time, I can't imagine any judge in the country deeming her to be the more fit parent.

    This is exactly why both parents should need to get a license before having kids. You need one to drive, fish, or get a gun, but any two retards can bring children into the world, and it's the kids that end up footing the bill.
    MKF said...
    Hmm I agree that she isnt a fit mum at the moment, but I do think she deserves a chance. Kev aint exactly a model dad either. She cant take care of her kids right now, but when she is well again, she should be given custody again. K-Fed cant even take care of his other kids...
    Thos two shouldnt have had any kids 2gether at all...So I think we pretty much agree

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