had a little voting on the most beautiful (famous) women of today. Here's the result...
20. Bar Refaeli (model)
19. Miranda Kerr (model)

18. Cheryl Cole (member of popgroup Girls Aloud)

17. Maggie Q (actress)

16. Gisele Bundchen (model)
15. Natalie Portman (actress)

14. Beyonce (singer)

13. Keeley Rebecca Hazell (glamour-model)

12. Megan Fox (actress)

11. Maria Menounos (model, journalist and showhost)

10. Adrianna Francesca Lima (model)

9. Marisa Miller (model)

8. Rihanna (singer)

7. Jessica Biel (actress)

6. Scarlett Johansson (
5. Jessica Alba (actress)

4. Eva Mendes (actress)

3. Kate Beckinsale (actress)

2. Alessandra Corine Ambrósio (model)

1. Katherine Heigl

Who the hell voted this list in?! What is Rihanna doing among the top 20?, not to mention Cheryl Cole... Christ what a bunch of badly chosen women. Kathrine Heigl as nr. 1?! Oh pleaaaase... That spot belongs to Jessica Alba, Helena Christensen, Jennifer Aniston or Heidi Klum...
Men have bad taste!


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