Danish fashion-guru Ole Henriksen sure has a big mouth! He has, in two differnt interviews, revealed a secret that Ricky Martin has kept well inside for years... The Ricko is a faaaag! Yes, indeed he is...

Ole Henriksen is a fashion and health-guru in Hollywood, and has Ricky Martin among his clients.
Ole was asked in an interview what celebrity he would like a romantic date with, and he answered:
"Stig Tøfting (Danish footy player)... Oh no, the problem with him, is that he is straight. So I better call my client Ricky Martin instead."

Earlier Ole had this comment to a Swedish magazine: " I know he's gay (...), he's a bit more open about it now than he was. But I don't know if he has a boyfriend."

Ahhh well, finally another gay in Hollywood! Praise Ricky Martin (all you have to do is get out of the closet....)
Ole Henriksen


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