The Orange County star Mischa Barton had her mum bail her out of prison, when she was arrested for drunk-driving and had a buttload of drugs in her car...

"Poor" Mischa is due in court the of February. May she be jailed for bringing innocent people's lives in danger. A thing like that can not be taken lightely. Stars like her should have their sentence expanded, since they are rolemodels for young kids and teenagers. Assholes the lot of them!

According to The National Enquirer, Jennifer Aniston is pregnant with her first child.

The magazine points to 3 possible dads: Vince Vaughn, Paul Sculfor or Jason Lewis (Aniston's latest bf).

The magazine has revealed both Jamie Lynn Spears and Nicole Richie's pregnancy in the past, maybe they are on to something again? I doubt it....

Anywho, I wish her congratulations if the rumours are true, she deserves the best! (TEAM ANISTON!)

I'm wishing all my faboules readers a very merry christmas and a splashing new year! For those of you who do not celebrate xmas, I wish you a happy holiday season!

Best Regards, and check back soon for more skanky gossip!

So it happened. 16-year-old Jamie Spears is pregnant with her 19-year old boyfriend Casey Aldridge ....

The baby is due in June 2008. Britney is said to be on shock... She had to read the news in OK! Magazine...

I'm proud of the Spears sisters. Such a good example the both of them!
Congrats to the happy couple...

How precious... (the dog...Not the skank)

Quote of the day

“I’m proud I still have a really good sex life with David. He is very much in proportion. He does have a huge one, though. He does. You can see it in the advert. It is all his. It is like a tractor exhaust pipe!”

Oh pleaaaase Victoria, of course you have to say that, it's your hubby for fecks sake! Wouldn't look good if ya said his willy wasn't bigger than a shrimp. Actually his wiener looks rather small, it's the balls that stand out as being rather large.... Hmmm

Here she goes again. Waving her "ham-slices" around for all of the world to see... Paris, pack it in. It ain't that pretty!

Looks like Sticky-Vicky hasn't been working out before the Spice tour. What a charming suit...Gee Vicky, have you no fashion sense what so ever?! Granny Spice all the way

So the new video from Britters has landed. Check it out, and feel free to make a comment of it!

Just when you thought Britney Spears couldn't get more incredible... Apparently we haven't seen half of it...

According to CNN and FoxNews, our very own Britters is to play the 19-year-old Virgin Mary in a movie produced by the French Phillippe Rebboah. Apparentyl, the shooting to the movie will start out in March next year.

I for one hope, that this Phillippe Rebboah is not serious. Has he even seen Crossroads?, does who even know who Britney Spears is?? Maybe he should ask K-Fed to play Pontius Pilatus, and Paris Hilton to play Jesus. The world has officially gone nuts...

This is gonna be Amy's last white xmas... The wreck wants to be cleaned up and ready for next year's Grammy Awards (in February), so her New Year's resolution is going back into rehab...(nooo, no no....)

Do I have to comment on this?! Well, I'm gonna wish her the best of luck, just to be nice (it IS xmas)

Jessica Alba's spokesman confirms that Jess is pregnant! On-off boyfriend Cash Warren is gonna be a daddy-o!

The pair have been dating since 2004 after meeting on the set of Fantastic Four where Cash was working as a director's assistant.

Congrats Jessica and Warren. May you not loose your sexyness after the birth...

The December issue of MAD magazine looks rather entertaining! I digg the way Nicole Richie yuks her guts up on Paris H. What a christmas!

We like this photo...mucho! And we ain't even straight... *cough*
David Beckham for Emporio Armarni. Not bad...

Danish fashion-guru Ole Henriksen sure has a big mouth! He has, in two differnt interviews, revealed a secret that Ricky Martin has kept well inside for years... The Ricko is a faaaag! Yes, indeed he is...

Ole Henriksen is a fashion and health-guru in Hollywood, and has Ricky Martin among his clients.
Ole was asked in an interview what celebrity he would like a romantic date with, and he answered:
"Stig Tøfting (Danish footy player)... Oh no, the problem with him, is that he is straight. So I better call my client Ricky Martin instead."

Earlier Ole had this comment to a Swedish magazine: " I know he's gay (...), he's a bit more open about it now than he was. But I don't know if he has a boyfriend."

Ahhh well, finally another gay in Hollywood! Praise Ricky Martin (all you have to do is get out of the closet....)
Ole Henriksen

Suri Cruise and Brooklyn Beckham seemed to enjoy themselves at the Spice Girls' rehearsels at Wedesday. Brooklyn (forced?) in a "Spice Boy" t-shirt and little Sushi Cruise looking adorable and rather caught up in the moment.

What a shame the Cruises are always hanging around Sticky-Vicky and Becks. It makes the Beckhams look kinda pathetic... Scientology people does not exactly raise a lot of respect.

Take a look at the new movie trailer for Sex and the City: The Movie. I really can't wait to see the full movie!

Eva Mendes joins the likes of Spamela Hamderson and Alicia Silverstone in the campaign against fur for PETA. I am glad to see more celebrities joining this campaign, and might I add, Jennifer Lopez could make a very nice skin-hat....
CelebritySkank Online supports PETA in the campaign against fur and cruelty to animals.

The other day Ellen had Jenna Bush on her show... Check out what happened, it's pretty funny! W00t Ellen Degeneres

Someone really need to tell the Hollywood bitches to put on some darn underwear. If I see one more shaved fanny on the internet, I will have to move to LA and warn the skanks about the dangers of STDs and infections.


As usual you only have to click the pic for an unsencored and scary shot!

Keira Knightley posing topless on the cover of Interview.

By the way, when media writes "topless" in the headlines of an article, why is it that the star is never really topless??? I'm just wondering, cause I'm obviously one of the suckers who always fall for it...hmmm annoying. Anywho, enjoy, if you like your boobies small and fit!

Jennifer Lopez always denied any relation to freakshow Scientology, but by revealing she is thinking of giving birth in total silence, she will follow the likes of Katie Holmes and Leah Remini, who are both members of the star-studded freakshow. To give birth in silence is a ritual performed by Scientology.

Way to go J-Lo! Another foolish star in Scientology. That's what we like! I'm sure they don't want your money in Africa, so please, please donate all your cash to Scientology. Best of luck with the giving-birth-thing in silence...Only few women would be able to follow your example!

The Spice Girls' tour was kicked off last night in Vancouver, Canada.

Pictures of the girls in their Roberto Cavalli costumes, show that they are still as fit as they were 10 years ago! (Well maybe Vicky needs a little extra meat on the sides...)

Geri Halliwell found use of her legendary Union Jack dress once again, and Mel B sang (God knows why, and how weird that must have sounded) a cover of "Are You Gonna Go My Way" (Lenny Kravitz). Seems the Spices are back with a bang!

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