Only 19 years old, and THAT fit?! Gee I wish I was a little younger sometimes... Zac Efron, ladies and gentleman. Totally shaggable... Enjoy the sight! (click to enlarge picture)


  1. (S)wine said...
    but listen,
    when i was 19
    i pretty much looked like that
    and ate shite
    and drank like a bottomless fish;
    what's happened?
    i loathe it.
    Anonymous said...
    this is totalllly messed up. or what ever named Zack their gay of the day and had this really obnoxious gay o meter thing and had a terrible picture of zack. i'm pissed off at them and other sites that keep making fun of zack. it hurts my feelings. hes such a great actor and musical talent and he doesn't need websites talking bad about him just because he is so talented. Its just mean.

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