James Blunt is back! Take a look at his fab new video "1973", a catchy soulful track in the original style of James Blunt!

We celebrate his come-back by giving away 3 copies of his new album "All The Lost Souls" to our readers = you! All you have to do is answer one VERY simple question, email it to celebskank@gmail.com (be sure to include your home-adress), and you are in the draw!


What is the name of James' last album, which included the hit "You're Beautiful" ?

The competition runs until Oct.6th, and is open to all.

Hilarious video from French and Saunders. I love them, and this spoof of America's Next Top Model is fab! Watch it, and have a laugh :)

This time it's a pit bull puppy! Watch the video here with Brad and little Lennie...
Brad looking rather ummm funky with that helmet... BUT one has to give him credit for setting a good example!!

Source: TMZ

Britney now as a brunette... With blonde hairroots... Doesn't look well Britters! Back to the hairdressers!

Former bodyguard, Tony Barretto, reports that he found Britney sweating overdosed in a hotelroom, only 2 days after she left rehab.

Tony testified in the custody-battle between K-Looser and Britney. He says: "We found Britney with red eyes from crying, and a completely trashed hotelroom."

"The hotelroom was filled with empty beerbottles and little piles of white powder was everywhere. I couldn't believe it was Britney. We thought she had taken an overdose. She was crying and hysterical. Her skin was unnaturally shiny and her pupils were enermous. She looked sick."

He also says that he did this to help Britney. He feels she is out of control and in need of help desperately. She is not fit to be a mum at the moment.

I have to agree with this man. Britney needs the help more than anyone. She doesn't need the press and paparazzi giving her bad credit constantly. I feel so sorry for her... She needs some privacy and a looong time in rehab.

So it seems for Nicole Richie... Who looks waaaay better with bump than with bones sticking out all over the place! She enjoyed a well deserved dip at the beach with boyfriend Joel Madden

Melanie C's latest single "This Time".

Paris likes them young... She has been seen out and about with 20-year-old Swedish model Alexander von Zweigbergk Väggö. Let's see how long he lasts!

The world's highest earning supermodel, Gisele Bundchen, in a new ad campaign. Sizzling hot!

While all eyes are on her knock-out body, the former Victoria's Secret model actually stripped down to promote her own line of eco-friendly sandals called Ipanema Gisele Bundchen.

Niiiiice campaign. Stylish yet sexy... Thumbs up Gisele. Even the sandals look kinda cool

Alicia Silverstone has been away for a while... But now she's back... For Peta.

The Clueless actress took off all her clothes for a new advert for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) promoting their website goveg.com.

I like that style.

Angelina Jolie sporting a cute little bump... Is she or isn't she?! You decide!

Who would have thought, a famous blonde that actually wears undies?!!... Im impressed. Heroes hottie Hayden Panettiere shopping for sexy underwear at Under G's Lingerie in Beverly Hills.

Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie was photographed leaving a hotel- carrying a see-through bag with a strap-on dildo in it!! Myh oh myh...Someone isn't shy about her lovelife! Actually I don't even wanna think about it...

The brand is "Purple Penetrator", and the company has already taken advantage of the fact that Madonna bought one of their products, mentioning it on their website!

Britney cuts the cash from Looser Fed! Finally she sees the light...

In two months time, an agreement between Britney and K-Fed runs out, and Britters refused to sign a new. That's a good girl... So Looser Fed leaves with the same amount of money he entered with: NOTHING

Britney, you just earned all my respect back!

Beckham shows off an extremely toned body for his new Motorola ad.

It looks to me as this ad has been photoshopped A LOT!! I digg the small nipples...

Sexy Sienna Miller starring in a new hippie-flick called Hippie Hippie Shake was photographed doing a scene in the forthcoming movie. Sitting nude on leaves! Interesting movie...

This one takes the whole thing of protecting Britney Spears a little bit too far... Crazy crazy fan! But remember; BRITNEY LOVES YA'LL

Miss Mandy Moore getting groovy on a stripper pole for Perez Hilton on VH1! Need I say more? I don't think so, watch the video and be ashamed....

Video from the lovely TMZ.com

If you havent already had enough of Britney's vagina, here it is, one more time. She gave a little flash after Sunday's VMAs... Nothing we havent seen before, but I know you all want to..

Click picture for unsensored version

Picture: WENN

Manchester United footballer Cristiano Ronaldo was home in Portugal during the weekend, and was spotted takin a dip in the pool... What a back that is...I only wish he would turn around...
Click to enlarge! (the photo...aherm)

It's Britney bitch! Hmm I am not impressed with this comeback. As much as I love Britney's music, I find this performance very white-trash. Do you have to loose your clothes to sell records Britney?! Christ...

The Beckham's posing in a semi-erotic photoshoot to promote their new perfume. I can't help but wonder, but what will the poor kids think when they grow older and see these "steamy" pics of their parents? It would gross the hell out of me if it was my parents.
Btw; If David is not gay, neither is Elton John... Just look at him!

In a statement to TMZ, Hudgens' rep says, :"This was a photo which was taken privately. It is a personal matter and it is unfortunate that this has become public".

It is rumored that the pictures were meant to her co-star and boyfriend Zac Efron.

Click pic for uncensored version! (Warning: FULL nudity)
Picture from TheNewsVault.com

Only 19 years old, and THAT fit?! Gee I wish I was a little younger sometimes... Zac Efron, ladies and gentleman. Totally shaggable... Enjoy the sight! (click to enlarge picture)

check out the trailer!

Halle Berry has confirmed that she is indeed pregnant with hers and Gabriel Aubry's first child. Her new movie Tulia has been postponed due to the pregnancy.
Baby-bump suits you Berry :-p

Nicole Kidman has revealed how she lost a baby in the early marriage to Tom Cruise. The miscarriage happened when she was only 23.

Kidman reveals this in a new interview with Vanity Fair, and also says that she wanted a child since the age of 17.

She and Tom adopted to kids Bella, now 14, and Connor, now 12 year old.

Eva Longoria not so desperate housewife in Spain. While hubby Tony Parker plays basket ball for the French national team, Eva sizzles in the Spanish sun...

Ahhh how much do I wish I could just lay around in the sun in my designer bikini?!

David Beckham sprained a ligament in his right knee during the Los Angeles Galaxy's SuperLiga final defeat by Pachuca last week.
So the 32-year-old was watching from the sidelines - again - as Galaxy met Real Salt Lake yesterday.
Lots of action going on, judging from the Beckham boys' faces (is it me, or do they all look like siamese twins?!?)
Brooklyn and Romeo Beckham joined dad on the bench to cheer for L.A, Galaxy!! (Dunno if that helps...Aherm)
Later he took the boys for birthday lunch at The Cheesecake Factory in Beverly Hills.

Ronaldo from football-team Manchester United is in big trouble for inviting 5 hookers to his posh pad in the outskirts of Manchester.

The player had a poolside orgy after Manchester United's first victory in Premier League, and invited the 5 hookers to join him and a few of his teammates.

The girls spent around six hours romping with Ronaldo, his team-mate Anderson and several other men in the pool, Jacuzzi and changing rooms.

Furthermore, the girls took a series of photos with their mobilephones, one videoed Brazilian midfielder Anderson only wearing his boxers.

The girls all work through McKenzies Escort agency based in Leeds (if any of you are interested in Ronaldo's left-overs....)

What is the deal with footballer's addiction to hookers?! Are they so dumb they can't find a girlfriend to have sex with, or is it that hookers go for anything with money?! I am in shock that Wayne Rooney isn't involved in this!

Cristiano Ronaldo's huge estate in Manchester


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