Former Savage Garden singer Darren Hayes was arrested last friday in London, after he assaulted a waiter on a thai-restaurant in London's Soho.
Hayes and husband Richard Cullen were dining at Busaba Eathai when Darren made degrading and racist comments about the waiter, and the owner of the restaurant called the police.
Darren Hayes' management has confirmed "an incident", but says Darren awaits further investigations.
The man is gay, why the heck would he be racist?! He, of all, should know how narrow-minded people in this world are!! This can't be right...


  1. Anonymous said...
    it turned out he wasnt racist, this thing was blown off way out of proportion, it was just a normal quarrel. bt think about it, if he woud be racist, what would he be doing at an asian restaurant lol
    Anonymous said...
    So true!

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