Kevin Federline will use Britney's flirt with other women as a weapon in his custody battle against his ex-wife.

K-Fed is desperate to win custody over his two sons Sean Preston and Jayden James. So desperate that he is turning every darn stone to find people to testify in the custody battle against Britney Spears.

The search has now brought him to Copenhagen, Denmark: A woman, who bedded Britney back in 2004 after a concert, has been called in to testify.

According to News Of The World, Britney met the woman at gay-club "Pan" in Copenhagen, where she was partying with her staff after a concert.

Kevin found the woman via a private investigator, and asked her to testify, in the hope of winning the case.

K-Fed's friends says: "His first priority is his children. He's desperate to avoid them hanging out with a lesbian booze-head."

Kevin Federline, you are the most awful gold-digging, low-life of a man. You ain't even a man. How the feck can you think you are a better parent than Britney?! You don't even know how to take care of your oldest ones!! I hope you lose this case big time...


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