Two paparazzis are now accusing Britney Spears for threatening to kill them, when they tried to get her picture. They might even press charges!
The two paparazzis were trying to get a picture of Britney and the two sons outside a casino in Las Vegas, when Britney supposedly shouted "I'll kill you" to the photographers. And that's why they now considder to press charges against Britney.
One of the photographers, Kyle Henderson, was pressed up against a wall until security from a nearby casino appeared and asked him to piss off.
The other one, is according to AP, the same paparazzi (Deetz) who was beaten by Britney's bodyguard last week.
Deetz claims he was leaving the casino, when the same bodyguard threw him to the ground and kicked and beated him until other security pulled the angry bodyguard away.
Britney herself was trying to get to Henderson, but her own security had her stopped just in time to see her throw a nursing bottle at him.
Other hotelguests says the heard Britney scream that Henderson should get himself a restraining order against her, because she would kill him or find someone who could.
Britney's lawyers will not comment on the case.
Can I have a say?! When will the bloody paparazzi learn to stay away and leave her alone?! The woman is clearly unstabil, and she doesn't need some dumbass breathing down her neck constantly.


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