(TomKat at David Beckham's last footy match in Real Madrid. Holmes is more interested in the actual raising of Vicky's kids, than the game. Then again, someone has to, since Posh can't be expected to do such a thing...)

According to British tabloid The Sun, Katie Holmes is preggers with Cruise's devoted sperm again. After the birth of Sushi 14 months ago, the pregnancy is said to make the little family extremely happy. How lovely.

But can we count on yet another fish name for the baby? Sushi is already taken, but what about Trout Cruise. Sounds magic in my ears.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Love it - Sushi and Trout. What a clever skank you are!
    MKF said...
    Haha that's a skank's trademark! Join if u like;)

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