Katy Perry sure has a great body! And it's all real... Here she is on a vacation with her boyfriend Travis!

Yes, this is fashin queen Donatella Versace... Looking better than ever!!

Money can be made from ANYTHING, when a Hollywood star has touched it...

Scarlett Johansson was on Jay Leno this Wednesday evening, and the poor starlet showed up with a good ol' Xmas cold. She claimed that Samuel L. Jackson had infected her with the cold.

Scarlett's used pile of Kleenex was collected in a little bag, and she signed it to be sold on Ebay!! We have to add it's for charity...

You can bid on Scarlett's snot-bag here


Madonna's new fella, Alex Rodriguez, appeared to have a problem adjusting his umm...package during a training session a couple of days ago. The 33-year-old have been spending a lot of time with Madonna since her split from Guy Ritchie... She sure likes them young...

Yes, this IS Jessica Biel, the innocent girl from 7th Heaven!! Biel stars as a stripper in her sexiest movie so far, Powder Blue, and it looks quite hot already!

The former Baywatch star, Pamela Anderson (Spamela Hamderson?) caused a stir when she arrived at one of the most important art exhibitions in the U.S., Art Basel Miami Beach, wearing a pair of orange and black patterned underpants!
Rather white trash-old tartish Spamlea, don't you think?!

Melanie C looked faboules when she attended English National Ballet's Sleeping Beauty. The former Spice Girl is set to give birth in January next year. Let's not hope she pops at her own birthday (January 12th.)

Geri Halliwell's dress revealed more than she had intended at an award show this weekend. The award show was for kids... Well done Halliwell!


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