Katy Perry really doesn't give a shit about how hilarious she looks, and I dig it! This time the sexy singer appeared in a "fried egg" costume for her birthday. Well, congrats Katy!

He's at it again! Mr. Beckham sure does like cheerleaders! But then again, who doesn't?!
I'm starting to think he attends those basket ball games to check out hot cheerleaders...Hmmm

Journalist Ian Halperin, known for his "Undercover journalism", claims that Will Smith is into men, and that Will's marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith is a scam.

One of Hollywood's leading whorehouse-bosses says: "I had to promise him full discretion over and over again. When that promise was been made, he gave his order. He wanted a man."

She also says that her men has a lot of work in Hollywood. We would be surprised to know how many celebrities actually order men instead of women.

Hmm.. Yes well anyone can claim that!! We want proof!

Australian magazine New Weekly Magazine claims that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant...And as you can see on these pics, it is OBVIOUS!!! ( if you are giving birth to a box...)
I'm not saying Jen is not preggers, I'm just saying these pics are crap!

Ohhh noooo...What happened here?!
Romeo and Cruz Beckham turned out at older brother Brooklyn's football match wearing matching Chelsea football shirts... Isn't that against the law somehow?!

Katie Holmes lost her taste...
She wore her own design at the after-party to celebrate the first night of her Broadway play, All My Sons, and to be frank, I could have done better than that... Fish stockings with white fabric?! Gawd Katie!

Britney Spears flashed her hairy armpit on her way to dance class in LA.
Good to see you don't close-shave everyday Britney. Makes me think you are just as human as the rest of womankind! Next time flash your hairy filét mignon!

Katy Perry dived into a huuuge cake at the Los Premios MTV Latin America Awards in Mexico where she performed her hit I Kissed a Girl. She doesn't like to wear much clothes does she?!

Britney's new ad for her perfume "Fantasy" is out! Just in time for the new album! Great look for her, even if I hate purple!

So it seems to be official. At least that is what The Sun claims. Madonna and Guy are splitting up after almost 8 years of marriage.

The Sun says : "They have had a string of shouting matches about the amount of time each devotes to their careers, and over Madonna’s desire to adopt another child".

Sorry to hear it, but we all saw it coming Madge... Good luck with the future kids!

Check out the new video to Womanizer! :D Enjoy

Melanie C won't take any chances with her unborn baby! In an interview with ITV she said:

(When asked which of her former bandmates she would put on babysitting duty she tried to avoid answering the question, before jokily admitting): 'Any of their nannies!'

Melanie, who appears on Al Murray's ITV show this Friday, talked happily to the comedian about her growing bump.

She looks great pregnant! I still would...*cough*

I didn't think pretty boys could sweat...let alone through a shirt AND a jacket! Ronaldo you sexy thang!


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