The girl is only 15, yet she poses half nude for Vanity Fair, and then whine about it afterwards. Dear Miley (or Montana, whatever gets you going), you need to stop being such a talentless mediawhore. It is clear to everyone by know, that you enjoy the spotlight, and will do anything to be in it...

Robbie Williams wanted to study UFOs full time... But he didn't! He gained a little extra weight, and found himself a new girlfriend. The girl is named Suzanna, and the couple met through mutual friends. Sweet... Not fat, but sweet

I don't know... I'm asking you! For the love of God David, get that beard shaved, ya look like hell

Amy Winehouse vs. Austin Powers. Who would you rather joined you on your filthy filthy sheets?!

It's hard to be a Beckham fan these days. You really have to fight for your sweaty sweater!

Beckham threw his shirt to some fans after a L.A Galaxy match, and the two boys went nuts. Really... One of the youngsters is now suing his friend in the matter of the tshirt with the lovely odeur!

Britney was taking a break from her new gym-routines at Malibu Beach with a friend. She almost looks like her good ol' self again!
Impressive, she might not end in misery after all!

Is Naomi Campbell getting a bald spot? Or is it some scary disease...Hmm.. Or maybe her bangs got torn off in a fight...

This one is gonna end in a kasket VERY soon, if she continues that way.
Last night, Amy Winehouse was out and about again... She even headbutted at man who tried to help her get a cab, and allegedly punched another man in the face...
Later on Amy threw a hissy fit in a bar. She threw drinks around while screaming "I am a legend...I want to take drugs"

How adorable...

A little discreet joint

Ze Beckham boys...Wear nothing but Armarni...And eat nothing but ice cream...

Jennifer Aniston is to be a mum this christmas. She will adopt a little American boy! The adoption process is already in progress, so a baby's room is decorated in Jennifer's villa in Beverly Hills.
The boy will be named Alexander. The name is a family name as her brother's name is Alex.

I couldn't be happier for her. She seems so sweet and she deserves all the happiness she can get!

Naomi Campbell's temper seemed to be under control at Heathrow Airport, London, yesterday. The hysterical woman even smiled to the airport police... I wonder why...
Of course, I wouldn't turn my back on her...she might attack from behind with those mood swings.

Miley Cyrus ain't shy... This is not the first time the Jesus-loving teen has shown some flesh... Be careful Cyrus, you might end up like Britney or even worse, Paris Hilton... One night in Miley? I don't think so

The Beckham boys learned a thing or two from their hunk of a dad... They digg the chicks!
Ahh families...

Pic from The Sun

I ADORE David Beckham, but that beard has to go... No need for another Elvis imitator in the world

Fergalicious on holiday with fiancé Josh Duhamel in Barbados... (the envy...)
Nice front-lumps...

Britney will be back in "How I Met Your Mother"! Both Britney and the people behind the show are said to be extatic. Good on you Britney!

Natasha Bedingfield has revealed that she has hot lesbian fantasies about Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie!
Even though she is with real estate boyfriend Matt Robinson, the British singer admits that the two beauties make her question her sexuality. Interesting...

Anya Sparks doing a very hmm interesting dance routine to Britney Spears' Toxic! This is a must see.. I love Simon's facial expressions!

And I'm not only refering to her weird dress... Check out that head band. What did she kill to get that on her head?!

Kiddo just like his dadda!.. He doesn't give a fuck...On the tod is only 3! He's already learned that the paparazzis are enemies!! (he doesn't get that from his mum, whose a media-whore...depending on the attention in the press....Ahhh Vicky)

The Desperate Housewife visited a building site yesterday, in her flip-flops. No wonder the woman almost tripped a few times...

One of Eva's girlfriends is building her dream home close to Eva and Tony's, so they all decided to stop and stare..

The man diggs the cheerleader asses!
Beckham has become a regular guest at NBA games the last few weeks, and why wouldn't he?! He obviously loves the game, and a good round firm arse. The round ass thing is not something he gets at home, so why not take a sneak peak when a man has the chance!

Invisible Arse...

Just a few days after Britney Spears had a minor car crash (all because she had to put make up on...duh!), her baby boy is teaching her how to drive safely. How sweet, and how thoughtful of Sean Preston.

picture courtesy of The Sun and X17

We all know that Brooklyn B can play footy, and little Cruz can breakdance! That leaves out Romeo Beckham, but it seems he is catching up now... He plays the recorder!

Those 3 boys look like they are triplets, just in 3 different sizes...

Ashton Kutcher is on the front cover of May's Details magazine, and he is SNAXY! But hey, everyone are if they've been photoshopped...


So are they or aren't they?!?! Just give us an answer already!
Beyonce and Jay-Z attended the Houston Rockets b-ball game yesterday, but no ring on Jay-Z's finger... Hmmm confusion is total!

She really LOVES to show off her body, doesn't she?! Here is the semi-nude Eva Longoria posing for clothes brand Bebe Sport.

The ghastly paparazzi-man has found a new victiom to promote himself. Kathy Griffin has not learned from Britney's mistakes, so she threw herself at Adnan G. Adnan is obviously well chuffed by havin' a new million dollar bitch to play with.
I thought Kathy was gay... Apparantly not the brightest crayon in the box anyway

After a long week of giving back and winning awards, Fergie took a shopping trip down Rodeo Drive in her, well what can one say, extremely ghastly pants. I don't care if this is fashion, it's still horrible taste (aka NOT fashion)


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