I did NOT need to see that...

Prince Harry is a bit of a killer prince! The boy has participated in 3 attacks on enemies, and has killed around 30 people. I can't see the fun in this... He must be proud...Eh

God, that baby is adorable... Mummy, not so much, but baby cute!

I had to roll on the floor laughing when I first saw this! Fab entertainment....

OMG huuuge ballons! Her bf must be loving her right now...But remember people; Boobs like that are FOOD for babies!

This is getting boring... Britney Spears in a small top... Top is not happy. Top wants to leave Britney's body...Top almost succeds. Britney, Britney, Britney...

Unless Angelina Jolie is suffering from a seriously gassy belly, this looks pregnant to me! Brangelina are extending their kindergarten... Maybe they are trying for a football team... only very few to go, if the new ones are twins!

Copyright Bern Stein
Outtakes from the Bern Stein photoshoot (Marilyn Monroe tribute)

I don't have much to add, except maybe: Nice tits on La Lohan!

You have to listen to this song, it's faboules! Duffy is an upcoming star, sort of Amy Winehouse without the drugs! Enjoy skanks

She finally popped, and gave birth to a baby boy and a baby girl! The couple are said to be over the moon happy (what else?!) Congrats to the singing ass and her unattractive husband!

Cameron Diaz has been measured, and found suitable for Madame Tussaud's in London. So they made her in wax.
That dolls is creepy! It looks REALLY lifelike!

Cute cute cute!

Adorable little Cruz Beckham showed of his breakdancing skills on stage! The Spice Girls were joined by thier toddlers on stage during the song "Mama", and 3-year-old Cruz stole the show with his very own performance (better than mummy, eh?!). Gawd all of the Spice-babies look so cute...

And out the fanny goes! Nothing new for you to see, but if you have a sudden urge, please click pic for uncensored version. (if you think you can take anymore of Britney's vagina)

I'm not one to judge people with a little extra love around their bellies, BUT I do think this particular belly looks rather pregnant... Nothing wrong with that, pregnant women are sexy! I just doubt Britney will be able to raise yet another kid, especially when the father is scumbag Adnan (arsewipe).

So, what do ya'll think, skanks? Baby or no baby?!

So, it's official, P!nk and Carey Hart are getting a divorce. Rumours have been flying after Hart has been seen with several bimbos around town. They are said to be best friends now (who cares?!)... Well, that gives a lot of lesbians out there hope...

Bindi Irwin is seriously annoying. And now with Bindi doll... Barf

Original Marilyn Monroe

Lindsay Lohan posing for New York magazine, looking a bit like Marilyn Monroe...Hmmm.
The pictures were taken by Bert Stern, the man behind the original Marilyn Monroe photo shoot taken shortly before her death in August 1962.

Real Madrid football-star Guti was photographed kissing another man (OMG!). Guti had lunch with the young man, and afterwards they snuggled up with a good ol' snog!

Homosexuality is a big taboo in the world of football, so obviousy this will have consequenses for the star (who is married by the way).

I can't help but wonder, does this little peck proof anything? I mean, Spanish men aren't afraid of showing a bit of emotion, and pecking eachother's cheeks is definitely not a crime. It would be cool with a gay footballer tho, but I think the poor dude will be given a hard time among his team-mates.

How discreet! *cough, I definitely would, cough*

Jordan's giant tit has once again found its way out of her clothes. Although she had the poor thing reduced, it is stilll huuuuge! (click pic for unsencored version)

Jordan, also know as Katie Price, went from an FF to D cup (not that it's possible for a normal eye to see)

How adorable (or sleezy...your choice). Ze Beckhams have renewed their vows... They had a ceremoni at Beckingham Palace in Hertfordshire with their closest friends and relatives. One guest described it this way : "We were all in tears, it was so beautiful and true" (Erm...gross, considering Golden Balls have had a few lady-friends on the side...)

The happy couple also got matching tattoes on each their ancles, the weddingdate in roman figures (go figure, mwah!).

The day after, the Beckhams flew to Paris to celebrate their second honeymoon (awwwwww)

Paris Hilton, now available as doll (sadly not as blow-up doll, i bet many men would wanna pork that... yuk). German toyfirm "Simba Toys" will start producing the Paris doll later this year, and you will be able to buy loads of accesoriers for your doll as well (what a delight!) Uhhh yey, we all have something to remember for our christmas wishes this year (barf)

A dedicated father... Beckham playing with the little ones, and showing off his convertible... (Asswipe...) Why isn't he wearing a bicycle helmet, when the babies are forced too?! Oh wait, not much brain damage can be done in that apartment. Mohahah! Just kidding...But you are sexy though, and that's what counts in Hollywood...

Paris Hilton:"I don't think, I just walk" .... Nuff said!

It seems Britney Spears is leaving USA to recover...Not only will she leave the states, she will leave to tour the world! Several psychiatrists have adviced Britney to get away for a while, but I'm not sure this is what they meant!. She is said to be very excited about the upcoming tour.

Hmmm let's just wait and see if this is ever gonna happen...

Rumour has it that Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey are expecting... Oh yes. Jim already has a grown up daughter and Jenny has a 5-year-old son, both from past relationships. All we have to do is sit around and wait...wait...wait...wait...

Here they are; Mum and son in harmony. Adorable baby... Looks like a little baby doll... Not so strange considering his mam is Barbie...

Is from Fergie: "You might not like my voice. But you can't take away from me, that I can sing. It's a gift from God. When people say something negative about my voice, they insult Him"

Oh please Fergie...


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