Quite a fit body miss Knightley has!

What happened to Celine Dion's son?? Did he get a sex change, or did they just forget to cut his hair (for like 5 years...) This is in fact little Rene-Charles (to the left...), and his mommy.
Celine Dion get your act together and get that son a new hairdo. He's almost worse than Sanjaya for peets sake...Christ!

Ozzy Osbourne was meant to appear on American Idol, but he backed out when he learned that he was gonna perform with Sanjaya Malakar (whom Ozzy called "a hairstyle-challenged idiot"!!)
You gotta love good ol' Ozzy :D
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How very charming! She's bringing sexy back...

Pics from X17 Online.com

Lily Allen was thrown out of school, when the teachers found out she serviced the boys with blowjobs in the schooltoilets... Cant say Im surpriced! Mohahah

In an interview with "Rolling Stone", she reveals she was trown out of school becuase she was "too good with the boys"

She says: " I gave them blowjobs!"

Her parents didn't really care, since they are children of the sixties! How scandalous!

After the huge success of the movie "The Queen", the battle to make a movie about Princess Diana has now started.

Quentin Reynolds is one of the people who is battling for the legal rights to a movie about Di, and he has already found his main character: Keira Knightley!

Im not sure I would have picked her, but in a way, I see the why! Similar features somehow...

Boy am I glad Sharon Stone has cellulitis.... She looks just like a real woman. Better yet, she looks like my own mum (sorry mum, ur better looking, and u deffo have a better ass...)

Michelle Rodriguez had a dipper in Cannes... And put on a white t-shirt to cover up her wet bits. Well done, that's all I say:D

Look at this video. OH MY GOD! Extremely huge and if u ask me, GROSS tongue! Click pic to view tongue in action...
source: break.com

YEY its here, the trailer for Shrek 3:) Cant wait to see that one!

I have to admit; I LOOOOVE "The Simple Life"!. It's top entertainment (no matter what ppl say!), and top of stupidity. And dont we all love dum people make a fool of themselves? Especially if they are rich bitches!

Paris has turned to "Her" to survive her jailtime, which is only two weeks away! I wish u the best of luck inside, and be sure to mingle with the right crowd a.k.a the lezzers! Find urself a sugar-mamma and let her protect you *amen*

Poor Paula Abdul, wait till Simon Cowell hears about this! He will without a doubt NOT leave this story alone...

Ever giddy American Idol judge Paula Abdul brooke her nose this weekend, when she tripped, trying to avoid stepping on her dog - a huge fighter of a chihuahua called Tulip! (Aherm)

Abdul was not hospitalized and she will not miss the big American Idol finale (thank God!)

Evil sources claim that the story is a cover up, and says that Abdul was actually tripping because she was wasted! (Very cruel and I go for the chihuahua story, merely because it is funnier...)

Story: TMZ

Britters is almost back to her "old self" it seems! What a fit toned body she sports...
The Sun reports: "The mum of two looked toned, tanned and healthy as she stripped down to her skimpy black undies at a pool party in the Raleigh Hotel in Miami at the weekend"
An onlooker said: "Britney looked like she was having a great time. All her dance classes seem to be paying off."

I am thrilled to see Britney back in shape:) FINALLY! And she looks fab

Pics courtesy of Splashnewsonline.com

Lindsay Lohan was back clubbing in L.A this weekend without boyfrind Calum Best. Website TMZ.com spotted LiLo out clubbing without Calum 3 times last week, so is our little princess single yet again? Hmm one can only suspect!

Barton is at it again... sticking her tits up in ppl's cams... Might I suggest a bra for ya Miss.? Just an idea
Click photo for unsencored version

And we aint talking bout beer! The spawn of the Hawn showed of her six-pack recently, and it's in very good shape even tho she had son Ryder 3 years ago! A good personal trainer can probably get anyone into shape....

God I just adore Cameron Diaz! If you look closely yuou'll notice her little nip slip;)

New video from Melanie C. Its called Carolyna, and I love it:)

Britney doesnt wig it out anymore! The woman is now showing off extensions. Well, suits you better than being bald Britters;)

Daddy Hilton must be sooo proud

Tonight is the night for the semifinals in the Eurovision Song Contest, so be sure to vote for Denmark and Drama Queen here:) Vote for the gays:p hehe, and the song is pretty cool as well! Enjoy and good luck to all countries.

So guy-magazine FHM has announced the top 100 sexiest women. But which is your fave? Vote Vote Vote!!!

Yes Ive been on a break from my blog (and Ive missed it...) But Ive had a lot of work on my plate, and my girlfriend managed to pour 2 litres of pepsi down my laptop. Took me quite a while to clean that out.
Hope to see ya all back here bitches


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