Saucy! Beckham went platina blond again yesterday, and is now being teased by his teammates in Madrid.
Becks says, "I like to change my style, and my hair was short anyway, so I thought it was time to bleach it again even tho I get teased about it"

Oh gee. Poor ol' Hilton got followed by the paparazzi when she was at the gym the other day. Thank God for her, the paps knew exactly where she had her car parked, since Ms. Hilton apparently forgot it herself... Nice one Paris;)
source TMZ

So adorable the both of them:)

See I found this pic on the net, and I just HAD to post it... Mr. Beckham completely starkers!

Of course this has to be a fake, the man wouldn't pose for this kind of pic, would he??

Anywho, if this is really "Golden Balls", there is no need for Posh to look so pissed off all the time...

Warning! Pushing the pic will give you a full frontal of "Becks", or some man's photoshopped body!

Britters is BACK (bringing sexy back... Or somethin'). Seems like the spear has been working it just a tad, check out those abs!

Cam Diaz hiding from the paps!

All of the ex-spices (except Melanie B), was gathered for Geri's daughters christening last friday. Victoria flew in from LA, to be godmother of little Bluebell

Hilarious Scarlett Johansson hosting SNL.

Paris Hilton got so tired of the rumours about her chest that she decided to pull off the top and show her girlfriend that her tits was the same, except for a very expensive bra!

Hmmm I dont know if I buy it Paris! (I would buy that bra tho...)

Newest rumour in Hollywood: Lindsay Lohan has fallen for female DJ Samantha Ronson!
The DJ is following Lohan on her trip to Japan as we speak.

The relationship isnt approved of since Samantha Ronson is using both drugs and consumes a lot of alcohol as well. And poor Lohan just left rehab...

Former PR-agent Jonathan Jaxson says that his sources confrim the relationship between Lohan and Ronson.

Sam and Lohan

I looove these pics for H&M. Makes me long for summer! Thank god it's just around the corner. The rest of the pics Kylie did for H&M is available at H&

Jess Simpson patying in a VERY low cut top, without boyfriend Tom Mayer...

Mr Beckham's nick name in the UK "Golden Balls", may now get a bit of competition from a new nick "Big Balls"! The reason for this is Molloy, Becks' tattoo guy! He recently equipped Becks with his newest tattoo, a big tattoo that reaches from the elbow to the wrist on the left underarm. The work took 6 hours, and Molloy says "Beckham didn't make a sound or even pull a face. He just sat there and watched football. It's very painful, and it takes big balls to have something like that done!."

The tattoo is apparently inspired by Wentworth Miller's character in the show "Prison Break", who carries a similar tattoo.

David Beckham with yet another hairstyle! Kewl in my opinion....

Here's the spanking new trailer from the movie "Good Luck Chuck", starring dishy Jessica Alba. Just have to say this: Jess looks mighty fine in her underwear... A movie to watch this summer

Sources reveal that Prince William and Kate Middleton are no longer an item. Appearantly Willie is more into drinking with his army buddies than being in a relationship with Miss Middleton.

For more details on the news check out The Sun website.

So girls, the hunkiest bacholor is now available... You know what you have to do. Sadly Im a queerling myself, so Im gonna wait for Princess Madeleine of Sweden...Aherm!

Awww yesterday Leo and fiancé Bar Refaeli announced that they are gonna be parents late this spring. Babyboy is finally growing up to be a real man! Congrats to the happy couple, and may the kid be as pretty as the both ya...

FIT Jessica Biel playing on the sunny beach in December 2006...But is that a piecing between her legs or just a *aherm* piece of human flesh?! Its up to u to decide;) Click picture to enlarge.
No matter what u conclude, the Biel is so hot in a bikini that a pic like this never gets old. Enjoy!

Paris Hilton before these pictures!

Soooo... Still think it's just a good push up bra???

A little easter treat for all of you kewl people ou there. Alanis Morrisette doing Black Eyed Peas "My Humps". Very funny. Hope you all had a fab easter!

Sorry I havent been updating for a couple of days, but I've been away on a skiing trip! I will be back shortly.


Tara Reid was vacationing this weekend in Acapulco...Looks like her bikini top is working way too hard to keep the goods in...

Cameron Diaz was caught frolicking a Hawaiian beach on sunday, sporting a mulit coloured bikini (Aloha Cameron!) She is indeed the hottest thing under the sun!

Sweat Stained Stars

Enjoy the slideshow of our sweaty stars...yum...

Courtesy TMZ


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