A little fun for the weekend!

The former editor of the magazine "Jane" claims that she had sex with Drew Barrymore!

Jane Pratt was interview by Howard Stern, and she said that she had had sex with another woman. But at the time she wouldn't tell who the woman in question was. Now Jane says one of her dreams is to return to Howard Stern and tell him the truth about herself and Drew Barrymore...

Drew Barrymore, who was on the cover of "Jane" in 1997, has not commented on the story.

Myyyhh oh myyyyhhh. Prince Willie is one horny prince! Brasilian Ana Ferreira was photographed with the future king of England's hand on her tits.
Dumb move of Williboy, since the bird ran straight to the newspaper "The Sun" and offered them the pics.
Kate Middleton was obviously not around this party... Baaaad Willie...

That is the claim of Randy Spelling, son of Aron Spelling. Appearently this happened when Paris was only 15 years old and Randy 17, at a hotel (not The Hilton...) in Palm Springs.

Sounds romantic Paris.

At nightclub Plumm in New York, flashing the cameltoe. Click picture for uncensored version!

Older pic of Lohan...without buttoms... Click picture for uncensored version (worth a look!!)

Check out Britain's very own Gordon Brown eating his own snot! He must be really bored there...

Appearantly it's still extremely funny to make fun of Britney Spears' bald egg-head!

Take a look at this video Britney Spears- I Shaved My Head (F*** You) A cover of Sinead O' Conner's "Nothing Compares To You"

Quite funny actually...

Angelina Jolie is to publish a book about her life. A German magazine apperently got a hold of this book, and can now report that Angelina reveals how she was into lesbian S/M sex when she was 14 (Very early start...Aherm). And the book even gives details about her and Brad's sex-life!

Plz woman, it's enough that you seem to have the perfect life, but do you have to brag about your fantastic sex-life as well?!

Scarlett Johansson is once again out and about showing off her attractive front...

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"Gay men are perfect for strong women", Madonna says in a big interview to Sirius Satellite Radio's OutQ channel. She brings out that homos always appreciates the finer details in things.

"Homosexual men er not afraid of strong women, and they are always in touch with their emotions", Madonna says, and continues "That's why I prefer their company"

Ohhhh but Madonna! I always knew Guy was a bit of a poof!

Every Hollywood star with a little self-respect has an accessory in the shape of a pooch. And Eva Longoria is no exception...

Her dog Jinxie will be walking her up the aisle this June, when she marries basket ball star Tony Parker. The dog will also be at the alter during the ceremony.

I'm just wondering; What does Longoria's dad say to all this?! Poor man, to be replaced by a dog... tsk tsk...

Check out the new trailer for Pirates 3! AWESOME...I cant wait to see lush Johnny and Sexy Orlando!

LINDSAY LOHAN lived up to her LAZY nickname by forgetting to put her bra on while out in New York yesterday.

The part-time actress couldn't even be bothered to do up the buttons on her shirt - leaving her ample bosom on display.

The dark glasses and water bottle firmly in her grasp is a clear indication the party-girl was feeling a little worse for wear after reports of a SEVEN day bender.
Just weeks after leaving rehab, Lindsay has been living it up in some of America's top nightspots with pals including JUDE LAW and Jackass star STEVE-O.
Click the pic to watch the video

Report: The Sun

Chicks dig Chicks!

Its time for some celebrity girl on girl action... Enjoy!

Sexy Salma Hayek snapped leaving her CAA agent's Century Office this friday. Looking VERY ready for breastfeeding....

A Swedish girl is now officially named Metallica. But her parents had to go through the courtsystem to get it acknowledged...

The 7 month old baby was first denied the name, because it could cause her a lot of trouble, but the (lovely might I add) parents didn't give up, and now the poor child is actually called Metallica. And the parents' claim it has NO link to the band...(As if)

A little extra note, she is the 2.nd person in Sweden to be named Metallica...aherm, interesting!

Here's the newest member of the Jolie-Pitt clan: Little Pax Thien Jolie (above)

My God, does this woman EVER look gross?? I wonder if she picks her nose... Hmm

Brit is hooked on the real thing.

The rehabbing pop skank has been popping up a case every day while at Promises, according to Star. But all the caffeine is making Britters a less than exemplary patient says Star sources: "She's been very demanding... Refuses to pick up after herself and even asked if she could hire a maid!".

Britney, pick up your own darn Coke cans like the rest of us...
Source: TMZ

A stinking drunk Fergie was recently denied access to a flight to London. Reportedly, she was seen tumbling around like a 5 year-old, and the flight personel chose to deny her access at the check-in desk! At first Fergie-Ferg wouldn't believe that she was rejected, and threw a fit, but eye-witnesses later on said, that she couldn't even speak in whole sentences. Furthermore, the flight was delayed one hour because the skank's luggage was already checked in...
How extremely emberrasing for you Fergs, I can imagine how popular you were with the other passengers...

Fergie in a new commercial!Lovely

Newest rumour: Britney's lesbian orgy was filmed, and will appear online soon! I have no clue if this is true, but I'll keep ya posted, and if a tape appears, I'll give you a link.

Paris Hilton has done it again. The skank was seen out in town with either an extremely good push-up bra, or spanking new silicone tits... Judge for yourself!

Nipple Slips

A small collection of celebrity nipple slips for you! Just click the pic to see the slideshow, including Kelly Clarkson, Paris Hilton (duh) and Keira Knightley

CelebritySkank Online now available for your mobile phone!
(US only at the moment)


Jessica Alba's nipple slip!Nice boobies Jess...I definitely would!

I love Ellen, she is sooo incredibly funny. Found this snip on YouTube from the Oscars! I digg. Enjoy it fellow skanks!

Riiight, since she is so popular at the mo, I guess I'll mention her on my blog!

Compromising pictures of popular reality show 'American Idol' 6 semifinalist Antonella Barba have leaked out. And boy, do they pack a punch.
The photos include Antonella in some rather personal and naughty situations, including topless beach shots with some friends and giving oral sex to an ex-boyfriend, also topless.
At least now she has a new answer for a future 'most embarrassing moment' question.
It will be interesting to see if she is booted off the show, although I highly doubt it.. Nothing like a good scandal on Idol!

WARNING: by clicking each pic, you'll get the unsensored version

Give it up for the next American Idol Aka Tara Reid! Lovely version of "Total Eclipse of The Heart" Mohaha

Who owns this azz?? Take a guess or click the picture to see...

Ohhhh but Kellie Pickler! She sported a brand new look on American Idol last week (as well as new shoes...Aherm) What do u think, fake or or good push up bra?? I'm not gonna judge, but as a woman, I know how a good wonder bra can make your puppies look shag-adelic... Enough said.

Good ol' Simon Cowell obviously had a comment on this case:

This is the official new album cover of Melanie's forthcoming album "This Time"

Naomi Campbell will most likely be cleaning a public building in New York City, as a punishment for attacking the maid Ana Scolavino with a cellphone (!?)

The fiesty model will clean the building as part of her communityservice, and she was ordered to take anger management classes as well (finally). Plus pay the medical bills of Ana Scolavino.

Well well well Naomi, looks like you have something to do for a while now! Good luck

Dominic Monaghan

Becks and his Golden Balls!

Matthew McConaughey...Enough said!

Ricky and little Ricky

The Gay PeeWee Herman! Hilarious hehe...American Idol is about the best fun on TV ever

Brand new video from Sporty. I LUUUVE it. Can I have her with whipped cream?


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