I Want Candy

I love it...hehe

The Moment You Believe

Pink all the way...well almost! Thumbs up Melanie!

Oh geee... Harry aint short for anything...Aherm. Picture from the play "Equus"

I dont think I needed to see that actually...

If you are dying to see his sausage, I suggest you follow this link PUSH 4 wiener

K-Fed, who recently divorced Britney Spears, appearantly still has warm feelings for her, and wants the best for her.

Kevin recently went to "Promises" in Malibu, where Britney is in rehab, to visit her.

A source to People Magazine says: "He is very worried about her". Same source claims that Kevin spend 90 minutes with Britney at the rehab center.

News Of The World now claims that Britney's bevaviour is a way to get K-Fed back! And also that Kevin has plans of reuniting with Britney again...
Hmmm I certainly hope the kids will get through all of this without to much brain damage.

Always charming to look at *cough*

Calista Flockhart

Wilmer Valderamma

Nicky Hilton

Ethan Hawke

Serena Williams

Paris Hilton

Mischa Barton

Michelle Rodriguez

Lindsay Lohan

Leonardo DiCaprio


Johnny Knoxville bum!

Chihuahua haven!

Tinkerbell Hilton

(the celebs of ALL celebs)

Bit-Bit Spears

Celebrity Pooches out and about!

Hillary Duff

Jessica Alba

George Bush snogging his dog...

Britney Spears

Alicia Silverstone

Awwwwww.....More to come...

Picture courtesy of X17 Online

Another interesting event in Brit's life!

Appearently Britney attacked a paparazzi with an umbrella yesterday, before she went back in to rehab!(?) The reason given was that Britney couldnt get a hold of ex-hubby Kevin Federline, who threatened to take her children away, if she didnt go back in rehab...

The American netsite X17 has a video and pics of the whole show, press here
God I feel so sorry for Britney. She just got a divorce, had a baby, and at the same time the media attacks her constantly... And Im not even a fan of hers...

Can I have custody of the chihuahua??

And the saga continues... Britney went in, then went out, and now she's back at Promises Treatment Center in Malibu.

According to plan she should be treated for an alcohol and drugabuse for 45 days.

If she doesnt go trough with the treatment, "lovely" K-Fed will demand a judge to give him custody of their 2 children. What a dear dear man he is.

Just another day in the life of Britney Spears...

Celebs digging for gold!
Mischa Barton

Halle Barry
George Clooney

Marcia Cross

Lindsay Lohan

Becks getting frisky with Owen Hargraves of Bayern Munich... We always knew he had a thing for the gentlemen;)

Paris and mother Kathy were on hand as The Hollywood Museum paid tribute to 'The Idols of Gay Hollywood,' the two were the Los Angeles Gay Pride Grand Marshalls last year and had outfits donated to ...

Aww Paris is all for the gays...YEYS for GAYS

Interview with Paris Hilton right here

Picture courtesy of perezhilton.com

Former President George H.W. Bush expressed his firm affection for Teri Hatcher yesterday with a kiss on the cheek -- and a pat on the ass! Frisky for an 82-year-old, ain't he?

The "Desperate Housewives" star had lunch with the elder Bush in Beverly Hills. Bush was in town to receive the 2007 Ronald Reagan Freedom Award at a Tuesday night gala. George's behavior with Teri could earn him an award from his BFF Bill Clinton! Hatcher drove off in a Mercedes, Bush in a black Suburban with Secret Service in tow. Perhaps the pair will be reunited on Wisteria Lane.

Check out the vid of it all here

This is the official album cover of J-Los upcoming Spanish cd "Como Ama Una Mujer", which will be released the 27th. of March.

I love this cover, I must say. Very artistic. Go J-Lo!!!

Beyonce song from the repackaged edition og B'Day released this April

Listen here

New tune with Kelly Rowland and Eve called Like This. It is a HQ rip from Wicked Rixhe.

Listen here

Its now been six years since The Spice Girls all went their seperate ways. But now, it seems that they will re-unite for a charity concert (Bono's Product Red campaign, that raise money to fight AIDS, malaria and tuberkuloses across the world) in London, and later for a tour across Britain.

They are very interested in this, since it's for charity, and appearantly they've been talking about this for a few months now.

The comeback wont be untill after the summer, since Emma Bunton is giving birth to her first baby sometime during the summer.

Listen to album-snippets here

Listen to Spanish version of "Girlfriend here

Wicked! What do u think?

Kelly Osbourne revealed at a charityconcert for HIV-victims, that a member of her family has the HIV virus. She didn't say who, and left the stage trying to hold the tears back, after she had introduced the band Scissor Sisters.


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FINALLY! Kelly Clarkson performed "One Minute" live at a Nascar event recently, and it's rumoured to be her next single. I love it, it sounds very much like KC (aka the rocky style from her previous album)

The song is LQ, but here's a link anyways

The performance on YouTube

A few more shots of Brit's new lovely "alien-do"...

It does NOT suit you woman

Daniel Radcliffe strips down in the play Equees in London. Check out his tight ass! Oh Harry Potter!

I wonder where his wiener is...


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